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LUXPERIA looks forward to welcoming you back to our special destinations once borders re-open: #Travelbrave #Supportlocaltourism #DreamNowTravelTomorrow

COVID-19 update: Refer to Worldometer for the latest update. 

Travel possibility: Travel between cities restricted, borders remain closed for international travellers.

General mood on the ground: Strict social distance campaign remains. Masks are a must.


The archipelago nation is made up of approximately 18,000 islands with the major ones visited being Bali, Java, Sumatra and Flores. Bali being the center piece of travel for Indonesia is uniquely Hindu offering the graceful beauty known as the Island of the Gods…  

Ubud Rice Terrace 2

Preferred Hotels

An amazing array of hotels to capture the individuality of each traveler, our preferred hotels range from boutique locally run hotels to uber deluxe resorts offering a glamorous getaway.


Deluxe Dishes

Let LUXPERIA introduce you to some of the best variety in local food, high end cuisine and fusion with our list of preferred restaurants catered to your taste. 

Balinese Food

Festive Season for Travel

Travelling through the festive season can be a highlight; while major cities quieten down, rural areas are lively with kinfolk enjoying reunions, take a breath of fresh air as traffic slows and the festive spirit alights. 


Experience Rich

The heart of LUXPERIA remains in the service offered to all guests, to offer experience rich journeys through Indonesia. 


Travel Temps

Visit Indonesia between May and September where the days are dry and splendid. Wet season happens the first and last three months of each year where temperatures remain high and rainfalls are intense tropical downpours that last for a couple of hours.

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