LUXPERIA are a collective of well linked individuals and organisations sharing our passion for South East Asia and surrounding subcontinents. Armed with knowledgeable sources, we curate one (or twice) in-a-life-time travel experiences for the curious, culinary and culturally inquisitive. Our base is Vietnam where we have centralized our contracting, sales and marketing to offer the best value for money. Our network reaches as far from Europe to South America and everywhere in between.

Linh Le
20 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
Global Distribution/Account Management
Destination Weddings/Event Design
Experiential Product Design


Vicente Catala
Chief Executive Officer
10 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
Luxury FIT
Hotel Relationships
Business Networking
Honeymoon & Family Travel

Lan Le
Managing Director
13 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
MICE & Corporate Group Travel
Team building
Luxury FIT

Chau Dinh
Product Contracting Manager
25 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
European and English markets
Product Creativity
Luxury FIT

Hieu Truong
Sales Manager
10 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
Spanish Language Sales
Honeymoon Design
Family Travel
Luxury FIT

Jordi Dosta
Representative Spain Portugal
30 years in Travel
Key Expertise:
Spanish market sales lead
Adventure Travel
Photographic expeditions


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