Multi-Country Travel Made Simple







Overland (or water) border crossings are an enriching part of every journey - particularly for a relaxed pace scenic holiday. Explore some of the best options to see multiple countries in South East Asia in one go here with our range of overland and ovewater itineraries. 

Aqua Mekong Cruise Ship

The 20 roomy, air-conditioned suites on the Mekong river cruise ship have full-length windows that provide breathtaking views of the constantly morphing Mekong landscape. Aqua Mekong, which won the prestigious Gold Award in the Architecture/New Build category of the 2015 Asia Hotel Design Awards, continues to be the industry leader in opulent cruises to Cambodia and Vietnam with a strong focus on comfort and safety. With a dining experience designed by Michelin-starred consulting chef David Thompson, passengers on board the Aqua Mekong embark on an amazing tour of local delicacies as it makes a luxury trip through Cambodia and Vietnam.

A similar locally-focused attitude is reflected in the ship's bar menu, which was devised by renowned spirit specialists and cocktail creators Proof & Co. Visit sites, temples, and towns along the Mekong River where tradition, spirituality, and craftsmanship are present.

Choose from 3, 4 or 7 night programs. Prices start from $3,480 USD per adult. Subject to limited availability, conditions apply. 

Cambodia to Laos Overland

Laos to Thailand Overland

Bensley Design Journey by Private Jet

With so many resorts in Asia, it was hard for us to decide how to showcase the mastery of Bill Bensley's designs in one itinerary.

Find this circular tour of south East Asia celebrating the haute couture nature of each project, a celebration of traditions while moving into a modern era of luxury/resort design. 

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