Do you value freedom, independence & happiness?

Would you like to become a global citizen?

We can help you gain a Secondary Citizenship via foreign investment and real estate to earn alternative residence leading towards multiple passports around the world.

Partnering with trusted local companies across the world, LUXPERIA facilitates the process in identifying investment opportunities, obtaining documents for clients to obtain alternative citizenship or residency. 

A truly complete service for individuals and families seeking security and the status of having a ‘Plan B’, delivered by a team that has first-hand experience being secondary citizens, residing between Australia, Asia and Europe.  

Why Residency(x)?

Definition of resident: res·​i·​dent | ˈre-zə-dənt , ˈrez-dənt, ˈre-zə-ˌdent': living in a place for some length of time; (x) stands for multiple.

Resource: Merriam Webster Dictionary

Why wait to be given the chance to temporarily (or permanently) live in another country, when you can create your own opportunities.

4 key benefits include: 

  1. Freedom to Work or Study - Ability to work and do business in more destinations. Education is also cheaper for EU Passport holders. 

  2. Unlimited Travel – Opens up the number of countries permitted to travel.

  3. Visa Flexibility – Travel to more countries without a visa.

  4. Multiple Passports - Gain citizenship and qualify for a secondary (or third) passport. 

Who is Residency(x) Aimed At? 

This is a solution for those who want the freedom to travel, enjoy less restrictions on time while also seek an alternative to the country they would normally call home.  Secondary residency (or dual citizenship)  is perfect for those who seek the sun, work online, retirees and digital nomads. 

The Process

Simply complete the enquiry form and we'll be in touch to set up a confidential meeting to learn more about your family and life goals. 

From there, we determine what are the best viable options for your investment. 

We will introduce you to our partners within the country you select to come back with forms and the required documents. 

Our local partner will curate investment options for your consideration and take you through the final stages of investment selection, payment and transfer. 

Once paperwork is notarized and sign off, we will hand over the signed documentation to our legal team to complete the process. This process changes with each country so we will let you know the progress and timeframe for each individual case. 




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