Un litoral de > 3200kms, Vietnam ofrece no sólo una fantástica relación calidad-precio, la playa de lujo se escapa con una cultura de calidez a través del encanto rústico del Mekong a través de las terrazas llenas de arroz de campo y las montañas de las tierras altas, tanto en el sur y el norte.




Vietnamese customs have a long history and are rooted in a reverence for the land, sea, and people. Confucian principles, which place a high value on wisdom and experience, form the foundation of society. Vietnamese culture promotes youth, education, advancement, with a strong regard for their elders and family life. It is deeply engrained in the rivers, paddies, mountains, and seas of the country. Consequently, food is the heart of this country.

Best Time To Travel

Visita aquí en el primer o último 3 meses de cada año para disfrutar de temperaturas más frescas en el sur, mientras que el invierno en el norte. La temporada de verano es de mayo a septiembre, permitiendo los días de playa perfeccionados y la plantación de arroz comienza en mayo, disfrutar de las terrazas verdes del arroz (norte) por Juyl/August. Tardes húmedas y noches ocurrirán durante el verano que ayuda a enfriar las cosas.

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The Multi City/Country Travel Specialists! 

We would like to give you a big THANK YOU for everything LUXPERIA. I can say that it has been the most concerning and customized trip we have ever managed so far and its success has been thanks to everyone’s effort and involvement, I feel positive and confident that many more will arrive from recommendations due to the final result. For now every travel proposal to South East Asia is to be handled by Luxperia as our first choice.


Vietnam has excellent connections worldwide with direct flights (Vietnam Airlines) available from North America (San Francisco); European hubs of Paris, London and Frankfurt and all cities via middle eastern gateway cities of Doha and Dubai. You can easily connect from neighboring Asian gateways of Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Australians have excellent direct connections from Melbourne and Sydney. 

Where to sleep

Vietnam is home to some great accommodation options for all types of travellers. There are also several remarkable luxury resorts throughout the country and its islands. There are excellent mid-range hotels everywhere, and they all have excellent amenities and knowledgeable employees. To add some variety, take a look at local homestays, lodges and camps as well.

What to expect

Travellers frequently choose Vietnam as one of the best value for money destinations in South East Asia. Families traveling together will find surprising activities for all. The knowledgeable guides and drivers greatly enhance all tours and travelling off the beaten path is worthwhile. The best combination of culture, cuisine, nature, adventure and relaxation can be found there.


Vietnamese food is often a highlight with dishes ranging as you traverse from north to south. Worldwide hits include Phở, Banh Mi and of course hotpot (Lẩu) and numerous varieties of rolls using beef, pork, chicken or tofu accompanied with each's own condiments (usually based on fish sauce). Vegetarians will also enjoy the options across the country. 

Vietnam City Guides

The long S shaped country allows for travel all year round with beautiful mountain landscapes through to remote rice field terraces and crystal blue ocean seascapes. 

Northern Vietnam

 Vietnam's capital is offically 'Ha Noi'. It is the second-largest city in Vietnam by population after Ho Chi Minh and is situated along the banks of the Red River. An old city, Ha Noi is connected to notable North Vietnamese locations like Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, and Hai Phong.

The names of Hanoi's 36 streets, such as Hang Mam, Hang Non, Hang Duong, and Hang Muoi, etc., indicate the principal items handled in this city. The bustle is packed in the old town, which is a very distinctive aspect of the city. 


Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is renowned for its ancient preserved landmarks, a friendly population, and tranquil natural beauty. The central coast will entice you with the lure of ancient history and sunny beach days.

Stroll around the Old Town of Hoi An, where the timber frame shophouses still have the same appearance as they did decades ago. At night, the streets are illuminated by colourful lanterns. Or visit Hue, where imperial citadels, tombs, and temples are dotted along the serene Perfume River, to learn about the last days of the Nguyen Dynasty. Modern Danang City provides a sample of some of Vietnam's most opulent resorts and premier golf courses in between some of the best beaches while Phong Nha's spectacular caves are just a couple of hours away.


Southern Vietnam

Southern Vietnam provides both dynamic metropolitan bustle and tranquil countryside, from island getaways to nonstop action.

Start your journey at the sensory overload that is Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), a city where generations of traders coexist with contemporary skyscrapers housing multi national companies. Beyond the city boundaries, you'll find the lazy Mekong Delta, where agriculture stretches out as far as the eye can see and life revolves around the water. Mui Ne, a nearby beach town with a laid-back atmosphere and a reputation as Vietnam's kite-surfing capital, draws tourists. Offshore, islands with pristine coastlines and unspoiled landscapes like Phu Quoc and Con Dao will welcome you.


Local Experiences

Each of these experiences have been designed or tested by our team and have the best reviews from past travellers. 

The Essence of Buddism

Escape the crowds with a visit to a Pagoda dating back to the 17th C to see antique scriptures before heading to the countryside to see another with resemblance to those in Thailand. Enroute back to the city, stop at the Dharma Institute to unravel ancient practices before a vegetarian lunch and evening of philanthropic cuisine to test your senses! 



Vintage Cu Chi & Royale High Tea

Take a speedboat via the Mekong to the Cu Chi District. Past by riverside homes and take a voyeuristic peek into the world of modern Saigonese living in the city contrasting to those in rural Mekong areas. Explore the Cu Chi tunnels to explore before returning to the city. Reserve your appetite as you arrive to Villa Royale – a iconic teahouse and antique store situated in the expat enclave. Indulge in a high tea while learning about the curated items for sale within.


The Water Puppets of Dao Thuc Village

Originating from the 10th century, water puppetry is an ancient art that has been around for over 300 years in Dao Thuc village. This charming village located  short drive outside of Hanoi hosts a puppet making workshop to learn how this traditional art survives our modern world. As the puppeteers weave their skills through the water, become beguiled in the folklore and storytelling of this unique craft of old Vietnam.


A Private Gala @The Japanese Bridge

For special groups and events, we block the roads, sectioned off to the general public and host a magical evening under the lanterns of Hoi An. Arrive at dusk to an enchanted privatized area where a delectable buffet dinner awaits.

Truly  a once-in-a-lifetime experience of al fresco dining side by one of Vietnam’s most iconic sites, this experience is designated for groups of 20 or more - perfect for corporate retreats and special groups.


Discover The Primates of Son Tra

Visit Son Tra Nature Reserve, a renowned Da Nang treasure that is home to the largest population of red-shanked douc langurs in South East Asia. Spend a morning (or an afternoon) exploring this gorgeous coastal rainforest, learning about its flora and fauna, and scouting for douc langurs.

Every visit aids in preserving both the ecosystem and these endangered species while funding the Nature Education Centre that teaches local children to be the defenders of Da Nang's natural resources in the future.

Mythology Meets Magic

Inspired by Vietnamese folklore, this exclusive show will take you on a unique journey, where mysteries, excitement and delightful entertainment will be the norm.

Our renowned international magician shares the myth of Vietnam as guests witness unexplainable magic unfold - a show not to be missed, spots are limited to only 10 and truly exclusive. Perfectly paired with a dinner afterward at one of our recommended restaurants. 


Basket Boat Fishing In Hoi An

Not far from Hoi An, the Cua Dai Estuary is where local fishermen and soldiers (during the war) found shelter. These days, it continually offers great shelter from the wind for fishing boats.

The coracle sampan (or basket boat) is uniquely Vietnamese and the most common mode of transportation through the area. When guests fish and assist the fishermen at work, the basket boat provides for an exhilarating experience.

Hanoi's Heart & Soul

With our top northern food-friend, take a circular walk around the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, exploring the entire Old Quarter’s history and its people through your taste buds.

Hidden alleys unfold an experience that offers an ‘insider’s perspective of the best and tastiest places that could be curated while explaining the who, where, why and how behind each gem of an eatery. It’s ideal for cultural travelers wanting to learn in depth about the old town.

Adventure & Romancing in Dalat

A short drive north from the quaint French town of Dalat, we safari by jeep to Lang Biang mountain located in Lac Duong district. Lang Biang Mountain tells the mythical legend about a passionate love story that united hill tribes into one.

Complete the day with a thrilling visit to Datana Adventure park for the zipline and alpine coaster ride before heading back to town for a romantic reward. One for nature lovers, idyllic to visit year round.

A Sample Itinerary

An exciting sample itinerary ready to be tailored for every traveller’s need. Contact our team to design a trip dedicated to your own personal interests or use the following as a guide to what can be achieved in this destination.

While Vietnam is often a repeat destination for many, we've come up with a 'Grand Tour of Vietnam' (for first timers) that covers the top highlights within up to 30 days - feel free to edit and cut down based on the time you have. 

Arrival to The Capital Hanoi 

Day 1: Upon arrival to Hanoi, VIP fast track through immigration and meet your local guide. Transfer to your hotel and start with a jet lag recovery spa treatment. 

Day 2: With our local guide, explore both the French and the Old Quarter of Hanoi with its intricate laneways (hems) and an abundant scene for shopping and local food. 

Optional Tour 1: Street Food Safari with our local expert 

Optional Tour 2: Vespa evening tour to view local landmarks and Hanoian food delicacies. 

The evening is yours to unwind and enjoy your selected hotel. 


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