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COVID-19 update: May 2020
Number of active cases: 10
Rate of recovery: 47% recovered

Travel possibility: Inter-provincial travel remains prohibited (exceptions allowed for local essential persons carrying approved documentation), borders remain closed for international travellers.

General mood on the ground: Businesses have re-opened with social distancing measures on, economy re-started however under strict control with businesses in confined spaces such as massage, bars, pubs, karaoke, cinemas and contact sports remain closed.

From our friends on the ground: “The situation in Luang Prabang is peaceful as ever. Restaurants and cafes offering good deals however we’re all missing our travellers.”
Laurent Granier, Founding General Manager Laos Mood Travel


Gentle and calm, Laos is the inner sanctum of South East Asia’s Indochine. Colonised by the French and land locked, Laos is perfectly combined with Vietnam or Northern Thailand for a luxurious yet adventurous retreat from modern day life.

Preferred Hotels

An amazing array of hotels to capture the individuality of each traveler, our preferred hotels range from boutique locally run hotels to uber deluxe resorts offering a glamorous getaway.

Deluxe Dishes

Let LUXPERIA introduce you to some of the best variety in local food, high end cuisine and fusion with our list of preferred restaurants catered to your taste.

Festive Season for Travel

Travelling through the festive season can be a highlight; while major cities quieten down, rural areas are lively with kinfolk enjoying reunions, take a breath of fresh air as traffic slows and the festive spirit alights. 

Experience Rich

The heart of LUXPERIA remains in the service offered to all guests, to offer experience rich journeys through Laos.

Travel Temps

Visit here in at the first or last 3 months of each year to enjoy cooler temperatures in the north, sunny days, chilly evenings. Summer season is May – September with rice planting starting in April/May, enjoy the green terraces and lush waterfalls after the rains.

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