Custom Your Adventure

How about sharing with us your favorite activities for LUXPERIA to make a trip designed just for you. Surf the waves with the locals in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Practice Tai Chi with the Masters in Shanghai, Cheng Du, Singapore, Hanoi, or Hue.
Explore temples shrouded by nature in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia or Myanmar (Burma).
The Worlds largest cave is in Phong Nha, Vietnam (Son Doong) however within vicinity, you can explore smaller caves that give the feeling of another world such as Paradise Cave. Other cave sites in our region include Borneo and Malaysia!
Take to the seas in some oceanic exploration in style. Hire a yacht to explore the Andaman Sea from either Thailand or Myanmar! Yacht hire is also available out of Bali, Indonesia.
Within each of our metropolitan cities, we offer walking hikes through urban areas. The best way to see local life is through the eyes of one of our local guides.
In regional areas, rice is the lifeline of all our communities. Learn how to sow and harvest in the rural areas Luang Prabang (Laos); the mountain region of Ha Giang (northern Vietnam) or as close to your resort as Ubud, Bali.
Interested in spotting flora and fauna? Enjoy a river safari in Borneo, or through the islets of the Mekong...
Go carbon neutral by biking through villages in Hoi An, Siem Reap.
Actively contribute to local communities by shopping and buying local. Barter for a bargain and support local designers, artists, craftsmen.
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