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Mai Chau, a valley of tremendous culture and unimaginable lushness, is one of the places that most accurately captures the soul of Vietnam. Vietnamese ancient life continues as it always has, at a lovely snail's pace punctuated by the excitement of the harvest, in this symphony of patchwork rice paddies, soaring mountains, and untamable forest. The terrain between Mai Chau's villages is covered with rice paddies that alternate annually between green and gold. These are the places of employment for some of Vietnam's ethnic minorities, including the Thai, H'mong, and Dao, who together make up Mai Chau's diversified population in a cultural web as intricately woven as their brocades. Only three hours separate Mai Chau from Hanoi.


Pu Luong Region stretches all the way from Mai Châu to Cuc Phuong National Park. The region is quite unknown among most tourists, but that does not make it less worth to visit. Pu Luong may attract you thanks to its stunning rice terrace fields, beautiful nature, breath taking mountain passes and traditional villages of ethnic minorities who still retain their unique cultural heritage and way of living.

Introducing Avana Retreat

A three hour drive from Hanoi to Mai Chau and then a further 50 mins to Avana Retreat (or kayak and enter via the lake)... 

Avana Retreate is where remarkable landscapes meet tribal heritages. Located among three ethnic groups deep in a tropical forest, Avana represents the inseparable connection between nature and people.

With its sustainable approach to “Act first, think later” ; the 15-hectare area has become a gift and celebration of the natural beauty and local heritage of the local area. 


Thirty-six bungalows, suites, and private pool villas, perched on the mountainside overlooking the valley, instill a sense of peacefulness. Each living space opens to a timeless mountain landscape with inviting sights and sounds of nature.

Each luxurious bungalow, suite, and villa was meticulously designed to ensure privacy and comfort. Northwestern ethnic identities are blended in elegantly, through the rattan ceilings, the earth walls, and thatched roof.


For an introduction to the Northwestern region, join a variety of cultural activities on offer for the local area: introduction to the ethnic groups who live close by and explore through books, traditional costumes, and musical instruments at their very own Stilt House Museum.

Cultural discoveries also includes a visit to a Hmong village where women weave and embroider their famous fabrics. 

optional extras include the possibility for guided jungle treks, jeep adventures, and a kayak escape. 

Hint: Travel here in Spring or Fall to see the seasons change... 

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