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One of the most popular travel locations in Vietnam is Hoi An - ancient, quaint and tranquil. Visitors from many countries and with varying tastes are catered to in Hoi An with its ideal location for relaxing by the river and taking in the sunset over the water. Take a stroll (or bike) through the ancient town and enjoy the regional specialties.

Due to the effects of many diverse cultures and the repercussions of historical events, Hoi An's ancient town features a harmonious fusion of numerous architecture that give it special qualities.

When to go: The best time to visit Hoi An is during the cooler but dry months – February & March being the most ideal. Temperature during these months would be a cool 20-26C. April - September sees the warmest weather, ideal for the beach.

Restaurant Recommendations:
Authentic Local Style:

Banh Mi Phuong - was celebrated on television by Anthony Bourdain (and since), nowadays flocked by both tourists and locals. Fresh ingredients, home-made pates and sauces keep it the favourite spot for a Hoi An Banh Mi.

Pho Xua - specializes in traditional local dish 'cao lau'. High quality but still inexpensive is the winning formula here. The ingredients are fresh and expertly prepared.

White Rose - is an iconic entree featured in nearly every Hoi An-based Vietnamese menu it’s intriguing to learn that most white rose dumplings are supplied by just one Vietnamese restaurant in Hoi An to all the others. The local family has kept the recipe under wraps and that Tran Tuan Ngai at White Rose Restaurant is the third generation protector of this very tasty family secret. Steamed rice paper is wrapped around a specially seasoned shrimp and/or pork mix and a singular dipping sauce of shrimp broth, chillies, lime and sugar.

Morning Glory - An open-plan kitchen with four busy chefs, wonderful aromas, flambé flames and waiters laden with plates - Hoi An’s iconic Ms Vy has created a street food oriented menu with historical descriptions of each element as crowds flock. Try sautéed prawns served in a whole coconut, fresh mackerel in banana leaf or the green mango salad among many options.

The Hoianian - is a Vietnamese restaurant/wine bar that has one of the best wine lists in Hoi An. It also has a superb selection of Vietnamese, fusion and international dishes that never fail to satisfy. Mains include Tiger Prawns with Tamarind Sauce, Duck with Cashew Nuts, Vietnamese Curry, Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf and twists on staples like Cao Lau and My Quang at very reasonable prices.

Tip: Book ahead to secure a balcony table with a great view of the river and passers-by below.

Shopping Recommendations

Tailoring: The majority of vendors in Hoi An specialize in tailoring, which is why it is so well renowned for it. A select few tailors have established a solid name for themselves as knowledgeable professionals. One of the must-do activities in Hoi An is getting a custom suit created from materials including cashmere, wool, linen, velvet, silk, and cotton. Simply describe the type of suit you want to the tailor, and they will make it and deliver it to you in one or two days.

Shoes: Purchase leather shoes made just for your feet at a reasonable price. Speak to the artisan about the shoes you want while selecting the type and color of leather, they will measure each foot to ensure that the shoes are the perfect fit.

Leather Bags: Local leather workshops produce a variety of bags, including travel bags, purses, laptop bags, and wallets. Select your choice for the bag's fabric, design, and size and receive your order the following day.

Lanterns: Characterized by the Chinese and Japanese influences, the riverside town is illuminated by a variety of bright lanterns; visitors can a memento of this historical village.

Local Designers Clothing & Accessories: Hoi An is renowned for its fashion stakes in addition to its maze of tailor shops. Choose from a wide variety of innovative designers, including the softest silk dresses, unique casual wear, children's clothing, and magnificent jewelry including bracelets, charms, rings, and necklaces with stunning designs. The majority of clothing, jewelry, and accessories are offered for fair prices.


Be prepared to bargain and double check with other sellers for the best price. Some sellers offer better price if you buy more.
When you want to have leather items or fabric, you should see the leather first to make sure the quality is good. It’s better to shop for lanterns at night when they are lit up.

Hoi An is the ideal location to unwind in the center of the country. The vibrant Old Town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is packed with historical and cultural landmarks.

Here, in this relatively accessible region, are several of the finest things to do in Hoi An. It should come as no surprise that it is also a major tourist destination with a wide variety of places to stay, eat, shop, and have fun.

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