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The largest city in Thailand's hilly north is Chiang Mai. Established in 1296 and served as the independent Lanna Kingdom's capital until 1558. Walls and moats from its past as a center of culture and religion may still be seen in the Old City region. Although there is a much more to see and do in Chiang Mai, its stunning old temples are what are most well-known. Two tribal communities may be found in the spectacular mountainous area around the city, which is also home to many other magnificent natural treasures.

Restaurant Recommendations: 

Authentic Local Style:

The HOUSE by Ginger - a beautiful Thai restaurant that serves impressive food with homegrown vegetables. Both the food as the restaurant itself looks stunning and a visit to The HOUSE by Ginger is one of the coolest foodie experiences the city has to offer.

Lert Ros - Among the most popular local Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai as it serves excellent, affordable, flavorful Thai dishes. There are three specialties that are worth the wait in line to enjoy: Grilled Red Tilapia with Salt (Pla-Pao), Pork Curry in Banana Leaves and lastly the Grilled Beef with Spicy Dipping Sauce - a nice salty side dish that goes perfect together with a cold beer and a papaya salad.

Kao Soy Nimman - The Khao Soi is tasty, especially good value is Kao Soi Super Bowl which is abundant with seafood, roasted pork and Chiang Mai sausage. Other top Northern foods include Larb Moo. The Northern version of the ‘classic’ Laab that is famously more fragrant than Laab elsewhere in Thailand.

Seafood: Paak Dang Riverside Restaurant - The most popular seafood restaurant with great riverside views. Highlights include the Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab – a must-try in Thailand.

Vegetarian: Pun Pun Vegetarian Slow Food - The opposite of fast food, unique dishes that are served packed with exciting flavours that even non-vegetarian simply adore.


Rock Me Burger - Near the Tha Phae Gate Although the menu is full of other comfort food options such as ribs, wings and hot dogs, the main reason why people visit this place is to try their crazy burger creations.

Street Pizza & The Wine House - Really good pizzas (traditional and fusion) and the ultimate place for comfort food, enjoying a cocktail and a restaurant with a unique atmosphere.


Chiang Mai shopping is more handicraft-oriented than any other area of Thailand. The city has numerous handicraft workshops where you can watch how those delicate things are made.

 This city is known mainly because of the Saturday and Sunday markets and the Night Bazaar, which are spread along the main streets. Popular for its many night markets, our top picks include silks, fabrics, triangle cushions, paper lanterns, umbrellas and homewares like celedon ceramics.


  • Prices at markets are not fixed, so bargain for the right price while enjoying the game and smiling. 
  • Keep your belongings safe. 
  • Do not keep all your money in one place; separate smaller denominations for quicker transactions when shopping.

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