Coronavirus Update

30/01/2020, LUXPERIA DMC, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam:

LUXPERIA would like to inform our agents and their guests that we remain monitoring the situation closely. Since this virus has spread across the world, we urge our partners to remain safe, vigilant and informed – regardless of your geographic location.

Within our destinations, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar all have small contained cases with each Governing body acting sharply to protect its citizens using health scan checks upon entry at all international airports. We are not accepting new bookings for travel to or from China until travel bans have been lifted.

Our Management team have worked through similar outbreaks in the past as we share our actions below:

1 – Advice and information to local guides, priority for current and incoming guests to avoid crowds, stand a meter apart from other people with limited physical contact; be extra cautious with hygiene when exposed to cash, doorknobs and any other high touch public zones.

2 – Advice to our agent partners that we remain flexible with bookings for postponement of travel. Last minute cancellations will incur fees from our suppliers, and we will do our best to offer flexibility in date changes where possible.

3 – Public advice to remain calm, positive and carry on. We have seen limited cases (per date of this release) and we remain optimistic the recreation of the virus by Australian scientists in the most recent days. An antidote shall be expected in the coming weeks/months.

Since the virus has spread already, it is advisable to act with caution in any public area regardless in Asia or not. Please rest assured that when working with LUXPERIA, you are working with a company that has guest safety and satisfaction at top of mind. We remain flexible with our cancellation policy and will allow you to postpone travel to a further date at your client’s convenience and comfort. We encourage you to check/follow our website blog NEWS, LinkedIn page, Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

Disclaimer: LUXPERIA is a travel company. We follow the news and do not report it. We will however action and take steps under the guidance of governing bodies, the World Health Organization in compliance to the safety of our guests, staff and suppliers. For more detailed information, we recommend observing travel notifications, warnings and advice from your country of origin.

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